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Our history

Vikinka Travel, started in Peru in 2002, and the name is the mix of a Viking Geir Andersen and an Inka, Noemi Ticona. Our specialty in Vikinka Travel SAC is Latin America, such as Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina; since we have been working in these countries for many years and Noemi is a professional in this area and as a Norwegian tour leader has had the opportunity to be in touch with local people and understand and learn the culture of Latin America.

Also as a Norwegian, I invite you to visit these beautiful and interesting countries in their cultures, show them the landscape, gastronomy and lifestyle. We are a travel agency where we make trips throughout the year with professional guides in English, German, Italian, French.

Geir Andersen and Noemi Andersen are tour guides in Norwegian, we arrange individual tours, groups and make itinerary according to your wishes for our passengers, from single trips for a few days to round trips in several weeks. The Vikinka Travel team is a professional team.

 Welcome to South America.

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Address : Cruz Verde 224, Arequipa – Perú.
Telephone : 0051 958445810.
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